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sports massage therapy

Sports Massage vs Normal Massage – What Are They?

Relaxation and rejuvenation are the things most people always look for when getting a massage. “Many people simply use massage as a way to help the body unwind after a long day’s work” says James at Optimus (you can check them out at sports massage portishead).

Massage is also commonly used amongst athletes looking to treat sore muscles, painful injuries, twisted ankles and torn ligaments. This is typically referred to as ‘sports massage’. So you might be wondering, what makes sports massage different from a normal massage?

This article will help to explain the difference between sports massage and normal massage.

In the ever-increasing world of competitive sports, athletes are looking for any help they can get to give them that leading edge. Where once upon a time, a fit and healthy lifestyle may not have been top priority, there’s plenty more money at stake these days, so you need to be at peak performance. So if you happen to sustain in injury, then it’s best you see a massage therapist that specializes in sports therapy. By manipulating and relaxing soft tissues, it helps to remove toxins and increase blood circulation that helps the muscle to loosen and recover, while also increasing the level of oxygen in the blood stream.

There are techniques that are particular to sports therapy that help separate it from normal massage. An injury requires deep tissue massage, while straightforward massage that you or I might go along for would be simply used for the purposes of relieving headaches, insomnia, constipation, joint pains instead of sports related injuries that require deeper tissue work. You can choose from a Swedish massage, Indian head massage, or even massage for pregnancy related aches and pains.

This is typical of what a highly trained athlete might expect from a sports masseur.

  1. Stimulating massage – a sports massage that is usually carried out before a sporting event that lasts for about 15-45 minutes. The massage focuses on areas of the body that will experience the most amount of exertion.
  2. Following the sports event, a second massage is usually carried to help massage the soft tissue in the body and is usually completed within an hour or two of the even itself.
  3. Restorative sports massage – this is the type of massage which is usually carried out during training or when an athlete suffers some injury. Whenever this happens, simple stretching won’t really help heal the injury itself, that’s where restorative massage steps in to help alleviate the pain and speed up the healing process.
  4. Rehabilitative sports massage – this is the kind of massage you would expect to have when you’ve really injured yourself during a sporting event. Treatment will be carried out over a number of weeks to help heal the injury and strengthen the surrounding tissue and muscle that will help you avoid any future injuries due to the weakness of the affected area.

So whether you simply use massage to keep your body in tip top shape, helping you perform at your utmost best, or as a very effective method to help you recover from injuries you pick up in whatever sports activity you’re involved in, it’s plain to see that this particular therapy is extremely effective in helping you maintain a fit and healthy body.

You can also see a masseur for other reasons. As mentioned earlier on in the article, Massage is a very effective way to help alleviate any stress and anxiety and you have a variety of options here. Swedish massage uses five basic strokes known as; effleurage, which is a stroking action, petrissage used to grab and lift muscles lightly, friction, as is created through the use of the thumbs and fingertips to apply deep circular motions into the muscle that is being focused on, tapotement, which is a tapping stroke, a chopping motion, and finally a vibrating effect where the fingers are used to press firmly into the muscles, then shaken rapidly.

Deep tissue massage uses slow strokes and direct pressure movements across the muscles by applying pressure through the thumbs fingers or elbows. Another form, is known as reflexology. This particular treatment should not be used if you’re pregnant because it can induce labour. The focal points are on the feet and hands and it is believed that these points are connected to all the organs, including your heart, lungs, and so on. It is believed that by manipulating these points you can help treat any organ dysfunction.

If you do happen to be pregnant, then you can seek the treatment of a professional masseur who specialises in pregnancy. This type of treatment can really help alleviate the typical aches and pains that a pregnant woman will experience such as leg cramps, headaches, backache and so on. You can rest assured that the points, the reflexology might focus on are actually avoided in this situation as both hands and feet are not used.

A Physiotherapist’s Advice On Ways To Minimize The Effect Of Injuries As a Result Of Manual Labour

We talked to a physiotherapist in Bristol (you can find out more about them here physiotherapy bristol), England to get some advice on general tips that would help a builder stay fit and safe from any injuries that are commonly reported in those environments. Both a chiropractor and physiotherapist can really help you recover from problems such as twisting your back, or pulling a muscle or even tearing a ligament.

A chiropractor can help realign any spinal problems which are normally incurred from carrying too much weight or picking things up without bending your knees says John a chiropractor Bristol specialist. A physiotherapist can help with muscles injuries and help strengthen surrounding muscles to heal those injuries. So without further ado, here are some great tips if you’re in the building trade.

Construction Worker Back Injuries Physiotherapy Chiropractic Care
If you are a construction worker, one of the things you need to worry about is the possibility of getting hurt while at work. This is associated with many problems on different levels. The fact that you are doing manual labour most of the time means that you are likely to end up having such problems. At the same time, having an illness on account of such labour could be detrimental to your career, since you depend on your physical fitness to earn a living. With this in mind, it is easy to see why paying attention to this is one of the most important things you can do if you are a manual labourer.

Fortunately, there are a few steps that can be taken to reduce the effect that this will have on your health. Some of the most important of these include:

Having the right tools

The quality of your gear or tools will determine how easy it is for you to do your job without hurting yourself. Most of the time, a particular job will require specific types of gear to avoid these problems. For instance, if your job involves lifting heavy objects, you might need to ensure that you have steel-toed boots to protect your feet from anything falling on them. To reduce the chances of injury in the work site, you should make sure that the gear is not only safe, but also comfortable as well.

Don’t go over the limit

One of the commonest reasons why people end up getting injuries when doing manual labour is because they do not take into account the limitations of their bodies. For instance, if you know that the load that you can comfortably carry usually weighs a specific number of pounds, you should always make a point of not exceeding this. Doing so might end up overwhelming your body and leading to injury. To find out the maximum weight you can carry on your back, you should multiply your body weight by 0.15.

Make sure you communicate properly with all the other employees

Another common reason why people get injured is not communicating with the other employees. If you are moving an object using a forklift, for instance, all the other people in your path should be aware of this, so that you can avert any accidents.

The role of a physiotherapist or chiropractor

If you are a builder or construction worker, a Bristol physio can be one of the most important people you can consult. Some of the services you can get from them include:

  • Treatment for some of the problems that arise due to manual labour. It’s important that you consult them early to ensure that you get the most out of them when doing this.
  • Advisory services. Bristol physiotherapists can help you figure out how to change your working habits to reduce the chances of injury. In such cases, the advice would be tailor made, since they will first assess what your needs as an individual are first, some of the common injuries to avoid, including back injuries, which occur as result of heavy lifting.

If you’d like to find out more about back injuries, you might find this interesting.